The best Gifts are Personal Gifts!

Are you looking for a personal gift? Our gifts impress and make people laugh, using your given details to create a 100% unique gift. We make custom Songs, bizarre Video Greetings, creative Poems or exeggerated Caricatures. No matter what you choose, all gifts are just made for you. And the best thing: All Gifts are digital. Therefore you can just send our gifts by email.

Every Gift is 100% Custom Made

This is our guarantee. We take our time to be as creative as possible to provide an unforgettable gift. No mass processing! Some of our gifts are funny and cute, others are horribly bizzare. Have you ever seen a video greeting of someone rubbing his belly with mustard?

Gifts for Far Distances and Social Media

The best gifts are personal ones! If you can’t meet the birthday child in person, it doesn’t mean you can’t make him or her a personal gift. Every gift is virtual, so you can easily share it with your special person by email or social media. This is a perfect gift for a facebook friend or a person that lives far away from you.

Delivery Process

Usually it does not take longer than one week to create and deliver your custom gift. However, the Average Delivery Time may vary. Once your ordered gift is ready, we will immediatly send it to you by email. In future it will also be possible to receive certain gifts directly via facebook or other social media networks.

Custom Request

Do you want to add some features to a certain gift? Or do you have a totally different idea? Try out Custom Request. If it is possible to fullfill your needs we will suggest you a fair price and make your wish come true.

Last Minute Gifts

Do you need a unique Gift quickly? – Every gift in the Last Minute Section will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

Gifts to …


Let us compose a 100 % individual Song or Rap for someone. Tell us his name and some details. We will get creative for you.


We provide video greetings from all over the world.  Let an indian school or a guy rubbing mustard on his body greet your special person.


How awesome would be a custom fictional story containing 800 words, which involves you and your friends using your insider jokes. Or for a romantic occasion, try our poem.


Let us draw an exeggerated caricature of an unforgettable photo. Or get a photo with a happy birthday message written on boobs. Yes, boobs!