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Product Description

The angry coach will get any message across. For 45-60 seconds the coach will yell and motivate.


Just tell him the names and some personal information or  write the script of 60 words yourself.

You may also name your favourite background.


Please view the example to get a rough idea, of what you will be getting. Note: quality may vary!


Please tell us your names of all involved people, your ages, the occasion and all other details you want to have included in this message. Also tell us your ideas for a background setting.



So this is a belated birthday gift to a travelmate of mine. He is a good buddy. But he still owes me money because I beated the crap out of him in a few chess games. His Name is Rich, but also use the name Dickie for him. He has enough money to move to Australia (from UK) but not enough money to pay his buddy off.

just enjoy it, be hard, make it funny =)  dont forget to mention his birthday in the end something like: ” ah and by the way, happy belated birthday and cheers to Mel (his girlfriend) For Background:  I dont like animated backgrounds. do not pick something fancy.



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7 Days


a video file will be sent to you by email


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