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Custom made Song with Ukulele


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Product Description

Let us create a custom made Song for any occasion. If you tell us some details, we will create the lyrics, sing and play ukulele along to it  Just tell us your names, the occasion and a few details on the donee.  The more details the better. We may not use all of them, but it helps us alot to make the gift more personal.

 The tune will be 45-60 seconds long.

 Note: In example shown, there is a whole band used. This will NOT be included in your gift. If you want to have the full band, use custom Request!


Please tell us your names of all involved people, your ages, the occasion and all other details you want to have included in this Song.  You may provide your own lyrics (80 words maximum) if you want.


My name is Daniel

So this song is a a gift for a couchsurfing host (Frank) I met 3 years ago in australia.
He is in his 50s gay and a nudist. That means he runs around naked all the time and everyone in his house has to be naked too. I am 22 not gay and not nudist. But It was an awesome experience. hahahaaha

so just write something like this. At first I was really skeptical about a 50 year old gay nudist couchsurfing host. but after a while I got used to seeing a lot of penises and having people see mine and it became an awesome experience … Frank is an awesome person hospital, intelligent and has a big heart.  

Thanks alot. If there is questions. please ask.



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7 Days


an audio file will be sent to you by email


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