Terms and Conditions

1. Refund policy

The customers is not granted the right to refund or exchange a product, since all products are individually made on details provided by the customer. If the customer is not satisfied with the product, you may contact us and we will decide from case to case, if the customer will be refunded. In many cases we can offer modifications or exchanges.

2. Delivery

All items on Giftial.com are delivered electronically (e-mail only at this stage). There is an average delivery time given in every product disription. If are going exceed the average delivery time by more than 2 days, we will notify you by email. In this case you are given the right to cancel the your order. If you order a gift shown in the  last-minute section we gurantee to deliver within 48 hours. In case we do not deliver in time, you will get fully refunded.

3. Payment

At this stage you can only pay via Paypal. Payment also makes it possible to pay without having an account on paypal.com using your credit card.

4. License

For every purchased item on this website the customer is granted a personal use license.  This means the product cannot be used for other websites or other commercial purposes and only can be used for personal consumption.

5. Warranties

If there are any warranties given, it is said in the product discrition. Also read Refund Policy and Delivery

6. Cancelation

We claim the right to cancel any order. In case of a cancelation, the customer will be fully refunded. Cancelation may take place, if

  • a) the customer did not follow the order instructions correctly,.
  • b) the customer requests gifts containing violence, pornography, humiliation, crime.
  • c) the customer requests more content then discribed on the product page.
  • d) we suspect spam, fraud or other illegal activities.


Please also see our gernrell Terms of Service