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A Magic Fire Wallet

A Magic Fire Wallet

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Introducing My Fire Wallet, the last wallet you'll ever need! This stylish and functional wallet is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement. Featuring a unique design with the option to display flames, My Fire Wallet is sure to turn heads. Plenty of space for cards, cash, and photos makes this wallet perfect for everyday use. Whether you're looking to impress others or just upgrade your style, My Fire Wallet is the perfect choice.

One of the most impressive trick you can do on almost anyone!

This item will definitely manage to start many conversations!

Package Includes:
1x A Magic Fire Wallet

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Customer Reviews

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Uriel Nolan

My friends were SPOOKED, a very good joke to pull on people.

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Benefits of a Magic Fire Wallet

Do impressive fire magic tricks

This wallet can be used to perform exiting fire magic tricks.

Get reactions

Adds an element of danger and excitement to your magic performances

Not only a magic trick, but also a practical survival tool

This item can be used out doors for camping reasons to make a small fire if needed to.


These wallets are specifically designed and intended for use in magic performances and illusions. Using a fire wallet improperly or outside of the context of a magic show could be dangerous and potentially result in injury or property damage. It is important to use caution and common sense when handling any object that involves fire.

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